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Fieldforce Mobility

  • Field Agents capture all required information directly on tablets.
  • Documents can be scanned.
  • Biometrics and signatures can be captured.
  • Personal Journey Plans can be setup so field agents can be tasked with a full day of activities.
  • GPS tracking enables both agent assistance (location and navigation) and monitoring.

Configurable Processes

  • Configurable workflows to manage your Loan Origination process.
  • Workflows can be tailored for individually for different products.
  • Exception conditions are automatically detected and alerts can be raised.

Credit Rule Processing

  • Built-in rules engine to specify credit processing rules.
  • Rules can be specified on a per-product basis
  • Rules can be changed dynamically to reflect market conditions.

Delightful User Experience

  • Human Centered Design based on the Google Material Design language.
  • Focus on efficiency and beauty.
  • Design consistency makes TMX easy to learn for both field agents and branch users.

Analytics Everywhere

  • Comprehensive analytic dashboards for all modules.
  • Interactive KPIs which can be filtered to zoom into operational details.
  • All analytic content is automatically generated and refreshed.
  • 30+ operational reports.
  • Reporting Universe allows you to build your own custom reports.


  • Software as a Service: All hardware and required software is provided through the Microsoft Azure Cloud.
  • Scale on demand: Increase system capacity as needed, when needed (e.g. triple capacity at the end of the month when usage is higher).
  • Continuous application health monitoring by TLX Mobility.
  • On-premise deployment is also available as an option.