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HMD Global, a Finnish multinational and consumer electronics company founded in 1865, is a major contributor to the mobile telephony industry, and was once the largest worldwide vendor of mobile phones and smartphones.

With 150+ years in business and operations in 120 countries, the company was searching for a mobility solution to digitize its sales & distribution and warranty claims operations. After a thorough study of a number of solutions, Nokia selected TMX Sales & Distribution (TMX-SD) by TLX Mobility to manage their smartphones sales and distribution process from Warehouse to Consumer level. With TMX-SD, Nokia has enabled end to end operations for all stakeholders in multiple countries. Real-time tracking of each IMEI provide required control to Operations and manage returns and warranties more effectively. Retailer Application at each franchise of Nokia, Wholesaler & Distributors two way operations of Order Booking & Deliveries in field and Market Analysis along with visually attractive dashboards and user friendly interface give complete automation of Sales and Distribution till Retailer operations.

In many countries in the Middle East and Asia, Nokia found it onerous to increase market share for its re-vamped smartphones due to antiquated practices employed by its distributors and retailers. Parts of supply chain used manual processes that were time-consuming and prone to errors, thus affecting sales. Often, it was impossible for the head office to have complete visibility of the supply chain to troubleshoot bottlenecks and delivery errors.

Executives at Nokia in the UAE and in Pakistan decided to establish end-to-end visibility across all distribution operations by deploying TMX-SD. Using the product, each Nokia smartphone can be tracked with precision across its entire fulfillment cycle – from a distributor’s warehouse to retail outlets to delivery field agents till it lands in the hands of the consumer. TMX-SD provides head office supervisors, distributors, wholesalers and retailers with real-time insights, visualizations, analysis tools, inventory updates, and management of sales targets and promotional offers.

TMX-SD has been successfully deployed to support smartphone sales at more than 30,000 retail outlets. Nokia’s distribution and sales operations have been running smoothly, contributing productively in the company’s growth in these regional markets.

Established in 1996, Multiple Trading House is one of the leading importers of high-end household products, decor and toys. The company has a focused distribution network catering to a specialized clientele.

Utilizing SAP for its financials and inventory management, Multiple Trading House was facing various problems such as late delivery of products due to stock availability not being available in real-time to the field sales team. TMX-SD was selected by Multiple Trading as the optimal solution to address the company’s needs as it effectively took care of inventory management via real-time data access and field force geotracking.

Three Sails is a premium supplier of hot beverages and vending machines in Pakistan. The company started off from the United Arab Emirates and has emerged as a market leader with unparalleled service delivery.

Three Sails was looking for an advanced sales and distribution platform to cater to its evolving requirements. After thorough reviews of solutions available in the market, Three Sails chose TMX-SD for automating its sales and distribution function.

Using TMX-SD, Three Sails will be able to automate sales processes, make accurate sales forecasts and provide enhanced customer service. The cloud based solution will also empower Three Sails to record customer orders and perform order fulfillment activities in real time through mobile devices.

Volka Foods International manufactures and distributes a large variety of confectionary and bakery items. The company is a leading exporter of these food products to Europe, Central Asia, Middle East and Africa and aims to further expand its market to the Far East and Australia.

With plans of market expansion underway, Volka Foods was in need of an advanced Sales and Distribution software that could manage its several hundred distributors spread across all of Pakistan. After exhaustive analysis, TMX-SD was selected as the most suitable and innovative solution and will be integrated with SAP in order to provide Volka Foods with an all-encompassing system for its sales and distribution function.