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Product Management

  • Define multi-level brands to categorize products.
  • Define SKUs and related information, either managed entirely within TMX-SD or integrated with an external ERP application.
  • Bundle products for a promotional period.
  • Define pricing for each product.
  • Maintain multiple price lists, such as different lists for distributors and retailers.

Distribution Network Management

  • Define and manage an n-level hierarchy of locations.
  • Map customers and field sales agents to locations if desired.
  • Define and manage Distributors in the network. Each distributor can have sub-distributors to cover small towns.
  • Define and manage retail outlets that are supplied goods by distributors.

Order Processing

  • Accept orders from mobile app and online portal.
  • Plan full or partial deliveries to fulfill an order.
  • Generate delivery documents.
  • Auto-generate invoices based on delivery documents.

Schemes and Promotions

  • Define and apply a powerful range of sales promotions schemes.
  • Structure attractive offers based on SKU, customers, or any level of geographical location hierarchy.
  • Apply schemes based on a range of parameters such as amount of sale, percentage discounts, weight, quantity, etc. for a specified period of time.