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  • Configurable workflows to manage your Loan Origination process.
  • Workflows can be tailored for individually for different products.
  • Exception conditions are automatically detected and alerts can be raised.
  • Configurable sales hierarchy for approvals.

Credit Rules

  • Rules can be defined using 20+ parameters.
  • Multiple rules can be configured for the approval of a specific loan product.
  • Scoring models can be built using the rules engine.
  • Rules can be dynamically altered to reflect changing market conditions.

Evaluate Applications

  • Setup criteria for evaluating applications (on a per-program basis if required).
  • Support external testing and interview scoring.
  • Generate selection lists based on evaluation criteria.
  • Support multiple models for Admission (pure selection, selection with subjective criteria, baseline admissions).
  • Quick Admit to support online and Continuing Education.