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Retail-Sales & Distribution Analytics

Measure the impact of Quality of Service and Customer Satisfaction on your Sales

In the current competitive market, it’s necessary to measure and track customer satisfaction and impact of that on sales. No matter what system you use, measuring customers satisfaction and linking that to sales figures can be challenging. Well, this is where Retails Insights helps in meeting your business goals especially for sales managers, chief operating officers, sales directors, customer insights managers and other relevant roles.

Sales Performance Analysis

Measuring and monitoring achievement against pre-define targets on an ongoing basis, ensures consistent growth in profit.

Sales Productivity

Measure productivity at all levels in consolidated view to identify bottlenecks and built controls to improve it.

Top & Bottom N Analysis

High and low performing aspects using top and/or bottom contributors for instant decision making.

Distributor Claim Analysis

Timely processing, settlement and visibility of On & Off Invoice Claims enable distributors to smoothly run the cash cycles.