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Agent App

Watch a video on Order Booking in the TXM-SD Agent App.

Agent Journey Plans

  • Define journey plans for agents visit a pre-defined sequence of retail stores during a working day.
  • Agent location is captured via geo-tracking and made visible in real-time to supervisors.

Order Booking

  • Create orders right at the customer site. App suggests item quantities based on previous ordering trends.
  • Check item inventory levels at the warehouse before taking orders.
  • Apply promotion discounts to orders.
  • Transmit orders instantaneously to back-office systems.
  • Generate order receipts and capture customer signature.

Deliveries, Returns, and Spot Selling

  • Record deliveries – full or partial – of goods ordered previously.
  • Record return of items that were delivered previously.
  • Sell and deliver on the spot to a customer by recording a sale and delivery transaction in one go.

Payment Collection

  • Payments can be collected from shops via cash, cheques and credit cards.
  • Payments can be collected against specific order.
  • Signature of shop representative can be captured.

Marketing and Merchandising

  • Create and manage Planograms.
  • Track assets assigned to a customer by a distributor by scanning asset barcodes.
  • Record customer feedback and complaints.
  • Obtain competitor information.
  • Conduct surveys.