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TMX-SD can help your organization manage your core functions through a single, seamless solution delivered on the cloud.

Field Agent

An elegant and easy to use Mobile App allows fields agents to perform all key sales and distribution functions in the field. The App then sends the collected data over the available data network or stores it locally on the mobile device if the data network connection is not available. Locally stored data is synchronized with the cloud when the connection is available either through LAN, Wi-Fi or mobile data network.

The mobile App has been designed with an easy to follow wizard like interface and quick access drop-downs to open a function screen directly, if needed. Major functions performed by field agents include following:

Follow Personal Journey Plan

The Personal Journey Plan (PJP) created for an agent is downloaded on the mobile device and the agent can select and view status of each store in the plan. The agent is able to see the store timings as well can search for stores with a specific status such as the “Store is Open”.  The agent then follows the PJP and his/her location is captured by geotracking and is available in real time to the management.

Book Order

Field agents follow an intuitive path for order booking by selecting the ‘route’ and ‘point of sale’. The next step is to select a product and adds its quantity. It is repeated as many times as required. Any applicable promotions are automatically calculated and applied. Tax calculation and total value summaries are calculated implicitly and are displayed. When the order is complete it goes through booking and delivery process.

Deliver Goods or Sell on the Spot

Field Agents can carry products to deliver or additional items to sell on the spot and collect payments. The Mobile App is designed to select the optimum route, update invoices as delivered, receive payments and all this information is seamlessly updated in the database.

Collect Payments

Field Agents can collect payment using their Mobile App at point of sale. Several types of payment options are available including cash, corporate credit, credit card and checks. Field Agents update records by indicating the amount and type of payment or by swiping the credit card via a blue tooth device. A receipt can also be printed using a portable mobile device printer.


Field Agent can perform several operations like planogram, asset tracking and capture customer feedback along with other competitor’s information in form of survey by visiting ‘point of sale’ from the route:

a.  Record customer feedback and complains
b.  Obtain competitor information
c.  Surveys

Sales Manager

An easy to use, intuitive and beautifully designed web portal provides managers quick access to key features of sales and distribution operations.

The information captured by fields agents is uploaded immediately using data network or synched with cloud at day end. Managers use this data to plan sales and distribution activities for each day as well as prepare reports for executives. Specifically;

  1. Route Planning
  2. Define and monitor daily sales targets
  3. Define business alerts
  4. Track field agent location
  5. Deals and Promotions


Distributors can perform all their functions within the web portal. Specifically;


  1. Receive shipment from Head Office
  2. Transfer inventory to distributor warehouses
  3. Issue stock to wholesalers/retailers against booked orders and generate invoices
  4. Accept returns from wholesalers/retailers and generate Credit Notes
  5. Accept payments from wholesalers/retailers and generate Receipts
  6. Assign sales targets to field agents

Working Outside Of The Office

  1. Change payment terms/credit limits for each customer
  2. Request for creation of new wholesaler/retailer (approval by head office)
  3. Change assignment of customers to field agent


A Principal/company is a top level Entity and can configure the entire sales and distribution network in TMX-SD.

Principals can define a hierarchy of multiple Distributors based on their territory. Furthermore, Distributors can be configured with their respective Sales Managers, Wholesalers, Retailers and Field Agents to track and monitor each and every transaction in real-time.

Key functions can be performed by Principals are:

  1. Manage Brands/Products Classification
  2. Manage Products & SKUs
  3. Manage Distributors/Wholesalers/Retailers
  4. Define Discounts & Promotions
  5. Deliver stock as per Purchase Orders
  6. Process Distributor Claims
  7. Conduct Market Surveys
  8. Perform Merchandising activities
  9. Define and track Performance Targets
  10. Analyze and manage Sales Performance Scorecards

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