Burque Corporation

Burque is a leading distributor of Nestlé’s products in Asia and East Africa. It distributes products of this transnational food and beverages giant to thousands of customers across several countries. Since 2015, Burque has worked in close collaboration with Nestlé and TLX Mobility to digitalize its sales and distribution network.

Case Study

To efficiently manage a vast network reaching 200 million consumers and to enable real-time visibility across its entire sales channel, Burque – Nestle’s main distributor in South East Asia – decided to deploy TMX-SD – a field sales mobility solution for distribution companies.

“As a major Nestle distributor, we are transforming field sales operations with TMX-SD. With Android smartphones, our field force now captures and processes orders using a state of the art solution. We are currently rolling out TMX-SD across our network of more than 1,000 sales officers. ”

Naveed Sultan,
CEO, Burque Corporation

Kashf Foundation

Kashf focuses on enhancing the role that women can play in improving the economic status of their families by building their entrepreneurship skills through access to business loans, improving their financial management skills by delivering financial education training and reducing family level contingencies by providing micro-insurance services.