What is TLX Mobility?

TLX Mobility builds cloud-based mobility products to empower employees in the field to execute tasks right at the point-of-work.  The benefits are realized in the field organization as well as in other interacting business units. Using our solutions, enterprises can tangibly improve field staff productivity and customer service levels while reducing operational costs and business process cycle times.

Fieldforce Mobility

TLX Mobility solutions enable organizations to plan, organize, execute and monitor field activities using innovative and powerful tools specifically designed to address challenges for their business domain. Field managers can set goals, assign tasks, map journey plans for their fieldforce and can monitor field activities and customer touch points in real time. Field Agents need just a mobile device to perform all their tasks right at the customer location. Mobile devices can communicate in real-time or sync up  later when the network connectity is available through LAN, Wifi or mobile data link.

Knowing where your agents are and how well they are performing their field activities empowers our customers to improve their productivity and quality of the service drastically.

Delightful User Experience

Our fieldforce mobility solutions combine the spirit of design excellence with a desire to deliver a delightful end-to-end customer user experience. Built on the principle of Human Centered Design, our use-cases are not serviced by crudely customizing generic forms but are built from scratch to deliver fine-tuned usage to field agents as well as the various types of personnel at the head office.

Our software adapts to the requirements of different levels of user expertise and provides friendly pathways for novices as well as efficient interactions for power users.  Another key goal has been to design ‘beautiful’ software.  We believe that software that sets high standards for aesthetics is a pleasure to use and results in users who enjoy working with the applications.

Rapid Cloud Implementation and easy Operations

TMX has been designed for rapid implementation so that you can transition to TMX with a minimum of effort. The entire setup and structure has been designed to be simple to understand and consistent across the entire application.

After implementation, the ongoing operation of TMX is also very simple. Because it is provided via the Cloud, you automatically get:

  • 24/7 availability
  • Hardware upgrades free of charge
  • A fully-backed up solution with a disaster recovery site included
  • Protection from cyber security threats by the world’s leading operator of data centers

Analytics Everywhere

TMX is built on the concept of pervasive analytics. It ships with more than 20 standard operational reports delivered out of the box.

TMX also includes analytic content associated with every major functional area. For example, clicking on the name of an agent provides a full 360 degree view of the agent’s performance to date and also how it compares to his or her peers.

The dashboards are organized by subject area provide rich content that can be filtered and analyzed interactively. For example, the Sales dashboard provides 10+ linked KPIs that provide a comprehensive and detailed view of the sales process.

Access to the reporting and analytics features is controlled by the data security policy of the client

Highly Scaleable, start small and grow rapidly

Our solutions are based on highly scalable cloud architecture which can elastically scale out and in automatically. In order to avoid any disruption due to big bang approach, our customers like to start small by on boarding their key staff and core areas of operation. In a matter of a few weeks, the solution can be scaled out by adding more customers, regions and field agents.

Request a free demo and one of our Solution Specialists will contact you to schedule a demo for you and your colleagues at a convenient time.

News & Events

Nestle’ Largest Distributor

Burque is a leading distributor of Nestle’s products in Asia and East Africa. It distributes products of this transnational food and beverages giant to thousands of customers across several countries.

As a major Nestle distributor, Burque is transforming field sales operations with TMX-SD. With Android smartphones, Burque field force now captures and processes orders using a state of the art solution. TMX-SD ensures  accurate information capturing along with real-time monitoring across the country.


Nokia went live with TMX-SD in 2017 covering their all key stakeholders of the Sales & Distribution network in Pakistan.

Mitchell’s Fruit Farms

Mitchell’s selected TMX -SD to automate their sales and distribution process with vision to improve the overall efficiency across the sole, sub and direct distributors.